January 12 2014 – Lightwater

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here. Happy New Year!

We haven’t decided on a challenge for this year, or a new theme for the blog, so this is a general post about a morning’s caching. Maybe we’ll change the format if/when we decide on our quest for the year.

Sunday dawned bright but we knew rain was due later, and the ground was still well soggy after all the recent rain, so we decided on some nearby, semi-urban caching with good paths … Lightwater.

First cache of the year!

First cache of the year!

We parked the geocar, and quickly found our first cache of the year in a nearby sidestreet. Hooray! Then off to our next cache and … we couldn’t find it; we’re not alone here, as this particular cache seems to be quite elusive. A short walk through the woods brought us to Lightwater Country Park, passing some VERY expensive looking houses on the way. As we emerged into the park, we were surrounded by tired runners who were nearing the end of a boot camp session. We waited for them to pass before going on to bag our second cache of the day, a quite large box hidden by a quite small tree. We went down the hill to Lightwater Leisure Centre to collect some clues for our next cache, a multi – where numbers need to be collected to find out the coordinates of the final cache location. Then it was back up the hill to find yet more clues, and down the hill again to reach the final destination. We were getting very familiar with that hill; no wonder those runners looked tired!

There's a cache somewhere in this picture ...

There’s a cache somewhere in this picture …

Somewhere on 'that' hill

Somewhere on ‘that’ hill

Leaving the country park we walked on down suburban streets, finding a third cache near the local cemetery. A family of muggles was nearby so a bit of subterfuge was needed here to retrieve and replace the cache without being too conspicuous; much pantomime dropping of things and shoelace tying ensued …
The morning ended with a failed attempt or find something or other hidden in or close to a fence. We still don’t know what it is. We looked at pretty much every wood, metal, concrete, or ivy-covered object in the area but we couldn’t identify it.

So it was back to the geocar in the gathering drizzle – 4 caches down and the year started!


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