January 19 – Bracknell and Wokingham

Ugh ! When will we get less rain for the footpaths to dry up!

A bright sunny day shouldn’t be wasted though so we set off to take in a few puzzle caches, as well as a couple of standard caches too.

The puzzles included famous Berkshire residents (coincidentally both with ursine connections), a famous film, and the Beatles. The other caches were close to the public schools of Holme Grange and Ludgrove (Princes William and Harry went there) in Wokingham.

These disparate set of caches did mean a bit of driving, but none of the caches ended up near to the car, so we had plenty of time to stretch our legs!

Lots of muggles were out enjoying the beautiful winter’s morning and we were grateful we had selected made up paths which were relatively water-free.

Flooded field

Flooded field

Winter Pastures

Winter Pastures

The one exception to this was our first cache of the morning hidden in the depths of a rhododendron plantation!

Seven caches attempted, six found – and the one DNF was in a very muggle heavy area!

One of the caches

One of the caches

View from a cache site

View from a cache site


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