February 2 – Catastrophic Caching in Crowthorne

Some days are good days, and they are easy to blog about.

Others are bad days, and it’s not so easy to share the pain….

The wet weather continues to make rural caching difficult so he headed to Crowthorne for 5 urban caches.

The first a micro, part of the Sidetracked station series, we couldn’t find. We thought we understood the hint provided, but clearly not. Either that or the cache has been muggled. (We did note there were 2 consecutive cachers before us not to find the cache so maybe its not there anymore).

The second, hidden near the entrance to Wellington College was supposed near to an oak tree (the hint for this was in Latin!). We gave a quick search, not easy as runners, cyclists and motorists went by, and yet again – no cache found. We had also note that this had had a few Did Not Finds (DNFs) recently so maybe this had also disappeared.

Cache Three, set in the style of JJEF, whose caches we admired when we found 6 of them last Autumn, was at/near/on/in a BT cabinet. We never found it despite it being “hidden in plain view”.

With a heavy heart we moved onto a church micro. Here we went around the churchyard collecting dates from gravestones and calculating the co-ordinates of the true cache location. We arrived at GZ and found it!! Hurray!


St John the Baptist

St John the Baptist

Then onto Cache Five – part of the Disappearing Berkshire series. Here we had to locate information about a former local car maker, Buckler’s Cars, and derive the co-ordinates for the true GZ.
Buckler's Cars Buckler’s Cars[/captionThis was in a surprisingly dry footpath with a thin hedge on one side (no obvious caches here), and a bank of roots and ivy on the other. We hate ivy! We couldn’t find the cache and with light fading we gave up!

Not one of our best afternoon’s caching with 1 cache found out of 5. Poor by anyone’s standards.

Footnote : after our unsuccessful attempt at the Wellington College cache we have been told we were looking in the right place, and indeed the cache has been found since.
Crowthorne – we’ll be back!


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