February 13 – travel bug race – Rack Race G – Rack Race H

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

A while back – in fact it was at the UK Mega in August 2013 – we acquired two trackables. These are small tags, identified by a code, which can be placed in geocaches and then moved around from place to place by other geocachers; often trackables have a specific mission, such as travelling round the world, and some of them travel thousands and thousands of miles. We’ve decided to release our trackables near to each other, but some way away from home, to see if they can make their way back. This sounds like a race doesn’t it? Did I mention that we’re both quite competitive?

Two trackables resting before they start racing

Two trackables resting before they start racing

Trackables are not very large and we’ve learnt that those which aren’t attached to anything tend to go missing. We’ve chosen an object, in this case a Scrabble rack – we both play quite a bit of Scrabble – and have sawn it in half and attached one half to each trackable, along with a mission statement and an identifying initial. We hope that they’ll make their way back home – mine first, of course! – and will be reunited.


2 Responses to “February 13 – travel bug race – Rack Race G – Rack Race H”

  1. March 15 – Rack Race H – race won! | sandhurstgeocachers Says:

    […] Back in February 2014 we released two trackables, Rack Race G and Rack Race H. We both play Scrabble so we thought that this was a good theme for the trackables, hence the name. The idea was that they would have a race and that they would return home to Sandhurst. Here’s how we created the trackables https://sandhurstgeocachers.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/february-13-travel-bug-race-rack-race-g-rack-ra… […]

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