Valentine’s Weekend – Isle of Wight Scrabble and Caching

We’ve mentioned in previous posts we play Scrabble as well as Caching.

Over the Valentine’s weekend we attended a Scrabble tournament, held in Sandown on the Isle of Wight. With the tournament starting on Friday we’d planned to cache on the Friday afternoon before the tournament.

Our plans were scuppered by the weather !

Wind, Rain, Tides..cachers in the dry!

Wind, Rain, Tides..cachers drying out!

Torrential rain, gale force winds, and a high tide made for some very interesting seaside esplanade caching! We tried one, failed to find it, got very, VERY, wet and decided to abandon for the day! We gave ourselves several hours to dry out, but with the Scrabble Hotel (the Trouville), yards from the breaking waves we thought we were to get wet again! (Fortunately, the Scrabble tile and weather gods meant we won our evening games, and the hotel kept us safe).

The following day was full-on Scrabble (10 games) and the only cache we attempted was at lunch. This was near the pier and took a bit of searching and stretching.

Sandown Pier & Cache

Sandown Pier & Cache

The Sunday had much the same format and our only break was for lunch where we found, again, just one cache. This was very well hidden, in fact we were about to give up, but had a brainwave after eating lunch at Ground Zero.

Crazy Golf ? Water Hazards at Ground Zero!

Crazy Golf ? Water Hazards at Ground Zero!

The day after the tournament, we had a morning free before our ferry home to cache for more. We settled on some caches in Shanklin, including 2 Trackable Hotels. We placed one of our Rack Race trackables in each of these ‘Hotels’ – let the race begin!

Our other caches were part of a 12-cache series “Nostalgia” of which we only had time to find a couple. Each cache also contained a clue for a 13th bonus cache. We will have to return to complete the series!

Our journeying around Shanklin took us from Shanklin Chine, to the Town Centre to the now-disused railway line. An excellent end to an excellent weekend.

PS The Scrabble tournament ended well too, as we did well enough to win a free hotel stay at next year’s tournament… watch out Sandown and Shanklin caches… we’ll be back!


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