March 8 – Milestone Event

Our previous caching excursion left us on 499 found caches. Just one more cache to get to the milestone of 500!

Where to go to make this cache special ?

We hunted around and found a cache called “Make this a Milestone” – set by a cacher to celebrate their 500th find. This seemed appropriate. The cache though was a puzzle cache so we had to solve the puzzle first!

The puzzle consisted of a photo of a milestone – all we had to do was find it – find a building near it, and then derive some co-ordinates based on the name of this building (A=1, B=2).

Where is this Milestone ?

Where is this Milestone ?

It is surprisingly easy to locate milestones from photographs as all you need to do is .. (ED: stop there !) and that is what we did.

The cache was a fairly large container and full of goodies – a great bit of detective work, for a great cache and a great way to celebrate 500 caches!

Our 500th Cache!

Our 500th Cache!


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