March 15 – Sindlesham (part 1)

The benefit of slightly tardy blogging, if indeed there is one, is the benefit of hindsight.

We did not have the benefit of such hindsight when we went to Sindlesham (on the outskirts of Wokingham and Arborfield, in Berkshire).

A new series had been published, set by JJEF, whose caches we have eulogised over previously. These caches are not a simple 35mm film canister wedged in some ivy, but engineered, predominantly using wood, and great skill is needed in both finding and unlocking the cache.

JJEF inherited the route from another cacher who no longer wanted to maintain the route. JJEF replaced the caches with ones of his/her making. (JJEF is, we believe, a husband and wife team). Instead of replacing the 11 caches with 11 different cache containers, the route was turned into 5 multi-part caches, and an isolated one to finish.

Each of the multi-part involved finding a pseudo-cache with the co-ordinates of the real cache. Thus the first multi or pseudo cache pointed to cache container 1, the second to the second cache and so on.

As expected from JJEF, even the pointers were hidden well and cunningly disguised in the scenery around Sindlesham.

Sadly for us we failed to find one of the ‘first parts’ which made it exceedingly difficult (impossible!) to find the second. On another having found the first part, we made a mistake with the co-ordinates and the GPS and never found the last part.
We also had some abysmal navigation and went to cache 5 before cache 3…. we really were having a bad day!

Is this really  the cache? Or a red herring ?

Is this really the cache? Or a red herring ?

One of the caches, cache 2, we found but did not have the tell-tale look-and-feel of a JJEF cache so although we logged the find, our conscience said … this wasn’t right.

Our progress round the route was slightly impaired / helped ? by another team of cachers who arrived at the first cache area, just as we leaving so we knew we were being followed!

This should have been a series of exhilarating caches, but due to our shortcomings we left slightly deflated, and vowed to return to have another go!

Found it ! But how do we get in ?

Found it ! But how do we get in ?


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