March 19 – Berry Bank cache spring-cleaning

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Other geocachers can let you know if they find a problem with a cache you own, via the logs on the website, or by contacting you via email. Even if no problems have been reported, it’s still worth checking on the state of your own caches from time to time to check that they are still there, in the right place, they are dry, the log isn’t full etc, etc.

Berry Bank cache (ours!) received a spring-cleaning visit from Mr Hg137 on March 19th As a litter pick had taken place in Berry Bank Copse a few days before, it seemed a good day for a visit. The copse was looking tidy and resplendent in the spring sunshine. It’s a secret little green patch tucked away in Sandhurst, just off Yorktown Road in College Town, and the cache was placed there to bring it to wider notice. So far it’s brought around 40 geocachers to the copse, mostly folk who didn’t know it was there.

All was well with the geocache. This was also a good moment to drop off the Kentish King travel bug so that he could make his way into another of the counties of England … first time in Berkshire for him … and he was on his way again.


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