April 12 Egham Wildlife Walk

Many of the geocaching trails we had undertaken had been away from London.

For this trail we headed towards London to the area around Egham. Although the trail was called “Egham’s Wildlife Walk” we both thought it would more urban than it actually was.

It was a very peaceful walk, over footpaths, some tracks and only  a short bit of road walking in a village – it was in fact very rural.

Tranquil path

Tranquil path


Only the occasional distant sound of Britain’s busiest motorway M25 and trains heading to/from London punctuated a very idyllic walk.

There were 16 caches spread over an approx. 5 mile circuit – of course we found a few other caches just off the official route making our total 23 – all of which we found – which was a very pleasing result!

Many of the 16 Egham caches were film canisters/plastic boxes attached to woodland material. (Normally such containers are placed and hidden under bark/twigs etc – on this walk they were intrinsically linked together). Many of these were well concealed in stumps or behind fences so that muggles would never be suspicious.

Cache with stick...

Cache with stick…

...cache with log!

…cache with log!







Of the 7 others our highlight was “A Fine Pair 51 Stroude”. We especially like these as readers of our blogs may remember, we achieved our only First-to-Find (FTF) so far with a “A Fine Pair” in Camberley. Here the cache could only be found by taking reference numbers from one of the items in the pair (in this case the phone box!) and deriving  a final location for the cache. It was a good job we took our Ordnance Survey maps with us, as finding the route to the final cache would have been tricky without it.


A Fine Pair - Red Phone Box and Red Pillar Box

A Fine Pair – Red Phone Box and Red Pillar Box

Whenever we ventured off the Egham trail footpath it meant crossing very boggy fields (some standing water) this was not easy to do especially when the field contained cows and young calves!

Water Crossing 1

Water Crossing 1

Water Crossing 2

Water Crossing 2








A great day’s caching and we saw some Wildlife too (well it was a Wildlife walk!) in the form of heron, a red kite, a coot, geese, squirrels, crows and a flock of parakeets. None of which were easy to photograph so here are 2 horses we saw as well!

Hello Horses!

Hello Horses!



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