April 18 – Sindlesham (part 2)

You may remember ago we attempted a fairly short trail around Sindlesham set by JJEF.

The trail is short, but the caches are devious! Each one is a work of engineering, each one was a multi of two 2 parts, where the first part gave the co-ordinates to the second.

You may also remember we had some trouble finding the various caches and clues! We vowed we would return, and return we did!

Our first target was where we failed to put the co-ordinates into our GPS correctly. Once we did this, the GZ was easy to find.. finding the cache a bit harder… and opening it harder still! To open the cache (and indeed retrieve it from its hiding place), a tool was needed which JJEF had conveniently placed nearby. Even then life wasn’t easy, as there was little room for manoeuvre on a muddy bank, above a stream with stinging nettles and barbed wire nearby. This proved to be the hardest physical challenge of the afternoon.

Our next GZ to visit was where we had found ‘the wrong cache’. JJEF caches are engineered, and all we found was an old cache container from a previous series. We marked it as ‘found’ but we weren’t happy – there was a niggling feeling of ‘this isn’t right’. And we were right to revisit the GZ here. After much searching we were again drawing a blank. Then a farmer came to feed his horses (which we thought was going to scupper our searching time). So we walked away from GZ and found the cache from this new direction! (Thank you farmer!) The cache was padlocked and could only be opened by using a 4 digit code. JJEF also provided a cryptic method of solving the 4 digit code, which we solved easily. Mentally our toughest challenge of the afternoon.

Then we returned the GZ of where a first part was hidden. We failed to find this on our previous visit, and so were unable to find the resultant final cache. We’d read the logs on http://www.geocaching.com since our previous visit and realised that co-ordinates were not quite right. We extended our search…. to no avail. We were beginning to think we were never going to find the cache when we re-read the logs (for at least the fourth or fifth time)… and saw one phrase a previous cacher had left. This gave us an idea as to the approximate height … but it still took us five minutes to find what we were looking for. From there the final cache was a very easy find indeed! This was our most frustrating cache of the afternoon.

We completed our walk round some footpaths, finding one more, much simpler, non JJEF cache with the satisfied feeling that we should have got from our first expedition. Thanks JJEF – a great set of caches even though we had two goes at them!

Rather than provide too much about the caches… here are few pictures of GZs … or are they ?



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