April 21 – Scrabble in Bristol, and Jacobs Wedding Cache

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Easter, and off we went to Bristol for one of the big Scrabble tournaments of the year. Rather a smart venue – DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol South – www.cadburyhotelbristol.co.uk – and, being Easter, awash with weddings. When we weren’t playing Scrabble, we went out on the balcony, admired the view, and watched the weddings.

View from the hotel - the steel band wait for the wedding - and, no, that isn't a real cow!

View from the hotel – the steel band wait for the wedding – and, no, that isn’t a real cow!

In between the rather intensive Scrabble – 21 games between Saturday lunchtime and Monday afternoon – we sneaked off (twice) to hunt for a cache placed a few years ago by Jacob, a boy attending the wedding of his parents at the hotel. The cache was placed somewhere at the bottom of the long drive up the hill to the hotel. Our first attempt was a failure; we placed too much faith in the hint to the cache, not enough on the GPS, and gave up as the rain started to pelt down. We read all the logs from the previous cache finders and learnt that the hint wasn’t very accurate. Next day it was sunny, so we set off again, ignored the hint, followed the GPS and found the cache fairly quickly. The moral here is … ‘always trust the GPS’ …

And how did the Scrabble tournament go: badly. Mr Hg137 just scraped into the top division, had a torrid time, and finished last. I was rated as the top player in the next division down but didn’t quite play to my (theoretical) standard, and finished just outside the prize money. Ho hum.


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