May 4 – Star Wars Day

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

It was Star Wars Day – may the fourth be with you (get it???), and a geocaching event was taking place in nearby Yateley to honour the occasion. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss, so we bought some light sabres and started practising; best not to show ourselves up when amongst the other Jedi … I can’t do better than to quote the itinerary for the event from the geocaching website

11:45 – 11:58 am
Wait patiently in your car or stroll around the area.
STAY AWAY from ground zero and act like a muggle as much as you can!

11:59 am
Make your way towards the event coordinates.

12:00 NOON exactly
Take out your lightsabres and start a duel with another nearby cacher using the Force within you to defeat the dark side!

12:10 pm
We will gather and take a group photo of everyone and their lightsabres.

12:15 pm
The event area will be evacuated without a trace.

We turned up early, about 11:15, found a church micro at the adjacent St Peter’s Church, and then sat on a bench overlooking the green, and inconspicuously (we hoped) watched the world go by. As time passed, there seemed to be more people just sort of hanging around the area than would be expected by chance alone … that middle-aged couple, portable chair bags over their shoulders, intently perusing a shop window … those two families, spending a very long time over a short conversation … that man, sitting outside the pub with his dog … that person, wandering up and down on the other side of the road …

Then the appointed hour arrived … folk erupted from cars, brandishing light sabres, that harmless window-browsing couple turned, drew their sabres from the chair bags and joined the fray, and Jedi, many in full costume, swarmed from all directions to join the full blooded light sabre fight. Passing motorists were bemused, as was that muggle man, sitting outside the pub with his muggle dog. Much fighting and chatting and picture taking took place … then it was 12:15, and we all melted away. Great event!

Here are links to pictures of the event, taken by others, from the logs of the event on the geocaching website.


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