18 May 2014 – Tunworth – 2 series instead of 1 !

Last Autumn, readers may remember, we undertook the “Westeros” series of caches in Hampshire. Today our caching trip took us to two newish series adjacent to that previous series.

The first, to the North of the Westeros series, was a ‘tribute’ series where every cache was named after a group of caching friends who meet every Wednesday. With such diverse names as Omiwahn, 8p4l and Misty’s Muskateers we wondered what they looked like in real life! He had met at least one of the cachers before, Tadley Trailblazer, coincidentally when we did the Westeros series originally.

There was no obvious start of finish point of the trail, so we squeezed our geo-car into one of the few places we could and off we set. Initially through farm fields, our route slowly climbed to ‘Five Ways’ a major crossing point of local footpaths. Indeed the first part of the trail we had walked 4 years previously when we undertook the ‘3 Castles Path’ from Windsor to Winchester. Five Ways is at the top of a hill, and then it was downhill all the way passing more farms, and then a final quarter of a mile or so of road walking!

Great countryside, and lots crops growing in the fields – we saw barley, wheat, potatoes, oil-seed rape and lots more besides.

Oilseed Rape forming its seeds

Oilseed Rape forming its seeds

The caches themselves were fairly straightforward – simple magnets on metal posts, camouflaged film containers, etc but two caches stood out – one inside some discarded ‘street furniture’ and another inside a child’s toy. (Sorry no spoilers… just wait until the end of year blog!)

Example cache 1

Example cache 1

Example cache 2

Example cache 2

Example Cache 3

Example cache 3

As we arrived back at the car we saw two men approaching both armed with a GPS.

They were geo-cachers too.. and they were two of the cachers named in the series and they were out to find their namesakes.

Great meeting you Sufferin Succocache and Hough Hunterz!

A brief check of the map, and we moved the car about 3 miles south to attempt the GOT series. (The Westeros series is named after people/places in the “Games of Thrones” TV Series; the GOT (Game of Thrones) series is as well.)

Before we set off, a quick Church micro. As usual we had to collect clues to ascertain the co-ordinates of the cache. Normally these clues are on gravestones, but this church, All Saints Tunworth, had an ornamental porch and we counting roses, thistles and shamrocks in its beautiful engraving.

All Saints, Tunworth

All Saints, Tunworth

Then onto the GOT series, a short trail of about 2.5 miles, and 9 caches.

With caches with such diverse names as GOT Cersei, GOT Bronn, and GOT Jorah we wondered – not for the first time today – who these people were!

A fairly straightforward set of caches, with two exceptions. The first, about halfway round was hinted as being ‘in the hole of a tree’. A magnificent holey tree stood at GZ, lots of branches, roots, holes aplenty. Was the cache there ? No of course not! A much smaller, nondescript tree nearby had a tiny hole in its bark…

Surely a cache location ?

Surely a cache location ?

Somewhere under here though ...

Somewhere under here though …

Under this log ?!

Under this log ?!

The second exception was the last cache of the day – cache 23. It was in a bus shelter. We hadn’t DNFed any cache that day and were feeling smug. 15 minutes later our smugness had disappeared when we could not find this final cache. We paused for a drink, sat and pondered for another 5 minutes and eventually found the elusive rascal! Phew!

23 caches – 2 great series – and great views all day.

Cache locations of the future ?

Cache locations of the future ?


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