May 25 – Twoo



Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

We found a trackable while out on our second try at the ‘Simply ‘Ampshire’ series of geocaches. It’s some while – early March – since we found our last trackable, and it’s definitely not because we haven’t been out caching; maybe we’ve just been to the wrong places.

This trackable, a small cloth owl called Twoo, was found in a cache that had been very newly reinstated after the previous incarnation of the cache was destroyed by repairs to a farm gate. He/she/it (I’ve checked and there are no clues!) has no particular mission except ‘to hang about in trees, woods, and stuff’.

We’re planning some caching a little further from home over the next few weeks – it’s summer, the days are long, it’s warm (and sometimes dry) so we will try to drop Twoo off in a suitable place.


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