June 20 – Earth geocoin

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

I mentioned that we found two trackables while geocaching around Wisley. This one was the ‘Earth geocoin’. In the last post I said that geocoins are usually about 2 inches across, metal, quite heavy. This one wasn’t. Yes, it was metal, but not large, about the same size and thickness as a £1 coin, with a picture of a mountain on one side and, on the other side, a picture of the Earth with a slice out of it, showing the core … and the teensiest, tiniest identification letters. This is a really good size, as it will fit into a more varied range of geocaches than most geocoins, which are larger.

Tiny geocoin!

Tiny geocoin!

PS I forgot to mention the mission of the geocoin, which is to travel round the world – starting from Germany – and to visit as many wonderful sights as possible.


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