June 20 – Proximity Guideline geocoin

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Geocoin - about to be moved on

Geocoin – about to be moved on

While we were out geocaching around Wisley we found two trackables – quite a good haul – we haven’t found that many recently. Both were unusual in their own way. The first was the ‘Proximity Guideline geocoin’. Geocoins are usually about 2 inches across, metal, quite heavy. This one wasn’t. It was a double-sided, laminated, picture of a geocoin. And here’s why, as stated by the coin’s owner:

…“Why a proxy instead of the real thing? I enjoy seeing my coins travel but invariably they disappear, presumably into someone’s collection even though that isn’t the goal. I realized while making the proxy that I could reduce or enlarge the coin to fit into different size caches. By reducing a coin I could place them into micros that otherwise wouldn’t hold a trackable. The proxy is flexible and can be bent to fit these caches too. Moving a proxy or discovering it still earns the icon on your profile just as if it were the real coin. If the proxy should disappear I can recreate it from the original and send it back into the wild. For those of you who hesitate to invest in coins for these reasons, this is a way to make it work and not lose your investment. “…

I don’t disagree with any of that and we’ll move the coin along just as we would have moved the solid original.


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