June 20 Wisley area (part 1)

One of the beauties of geocaching is that you can combine a geocaching trip with another activity.

Today was one such day.

We are members of the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) and frequently visit their gardens at Wisley just off the A3/M25. Our planned visit was to admire the thousands(? sorry we didn’t count them!) of Roses and other Summer flowers. Before that though we attempted some of the 40+ caches within 2-3 miles of the gardens. (Sadly none are in the gardens).

Wisley Roses

Wisley Roses

We started partway through the More Common series and had barely left the car park before we found our first cache of the day. Whenever we have walked around More Common before, it was wet and boggy – today was very dry and what pools of water remained attracted a high mosquito/midge presence. These always seemed to be near the caches too, and after about 5 caches we had already been bitten several times.

The More Common series was relatively straightforward, mainly hidden with caches hidden under sticks and stones. We were grateful that other caches punctuated the series, one was an exceeding large box hidden in a hollowed out trunk, another hidden in metal pipework right next to the A3/M25 roundabout.

A typical Ground Zero

A typical Ground Zero

Lovely pond on route

Lovely pond on route

Our only DNF came when we attempted part 1 of a multi-part. Clearly standing in the right location we couldn’t find the ‘magnetic’ host which would have helped us find part 2.

We then moved onto the Ockham Common series – again fairly simple finds – and a surprising number of caches were out in the open, so we had to hide them as best we could!

Too easy !

Too easy !

Partway through what had been a walk through Trees and Common we encountered Wisley Airfield. This was used primarily as a wartime runway, but was still in service until 1973. There are plans for it to be turned into a large composting facility, but until this happens only the derelict landing strip remains. (It is also used a film location including Steven Spielberg’s Warhorse.)

Wisley Airfield

Wisley Airfield

The Airfield provided us with an ideal point to head back to our start point retrieving one last cache (a magnetic bolt) high above the roaring traffic of the A3. Impossible not be spotted by muggles here!

Don't drop it!

Don’t drop it!

A fabulous days caching, and fantastic flowers and we’ve still got over 20 caches left to attempt!


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