July 6 – Wick Hill Yomp (WHY)

Many times, when you are caching, you have unexpected pleasures.

These could be because the cache trail is unexpectedly scenic, on local footpaths that one didn’t know existed, or very well constructed hides.

The Wick Hill Yomp (11 caches WHY1 – WHY11) provided us with the last two pleasures. The route was within 5 miles of home, on footpaths we had never/rarely used, and the hides were very well thought through.

(It is all too easy for a cache to be a plastic film container hidden under a pile of twigs behind a tree).

These caches had that little bit extra, and some careful searching was needed throughout.

The circuit itself was about 3 miles long, mainly footpaths and not-quite-fully-tarmacked roads and after about a half a mile walk from the car we arrived at WHY 1. The hint alluded to ‘stickoflage and a multi-trunk tree’. Ground Zero contained only one such tree… let the search begin! 20 minutes later we had still not found the cache.. we had looked at EVERY tree nearby and poked every crevice (Really ?!). We gave up ! Not the start we wanted!

We arrived at cache 2. We looked for the hint item (‘roots of a fallen tree’) – nothing near GZ. Were we really losing it ?! We searched a bit longer, and then, much to our relief the cache was spotted. A medium sized container, quickly opened, log taken out and signed, we placed the Proximity Trackable inside the cache before replacing it in its hidey-hole. (Ed : if you are an experienced cacher reading this, re-read the last sentence and think about what we did)

Our success continued for several other WHY caches – many were very well hidden in the trees and fences along the way.

We like these Ivy Trees... not much Ivy!

We like these Ivy Trees… not much Ivy!

We diverted off-route part-way round to visit Finchampstead’s War Memorial or at least a cache at some seats nearby. Another fail! However reading the logs, many others have failed here, possibly due to a large fallen tree at GZ!

Finchampstead War Memorial

Finchampstead War Memorial

Back the WHY trail and our finds kept coming, some underneath oak trees, others under metal gates. On reaching cache 10, we swapped trackables! We left the Earth Geocoin and collected the Sunseekers Geo Achievement Coin 250.

After the finding WHY 11 – we had found all the WHY series bar number 1. We decided to go back and look again. We returned to the multi-trunk tree and searched for a second time. After 10 minutes we found a small hidey-hole that must have been missed 90 minutes earlier. Phew – the series was complete!

WHY 1 ... but where is the cache ?

WHY 1 … but where is the cache ?

Our walk back to the car went by our 12th find of the day… leaving us on a total of 699 caches! (If only we had not had the one DNF we would have found 700 caches!)

So did you spot the mistake at WHY 2 ? We didn’t until 10 days later !!! We didn’t put the logbook back in the cache! We accidentally took it home with us! We have let the cache owner know and we will replace it back in the cache shortly. Whoops! …. Do let us know if you’ve ever done this!


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