July 15 – Brighton – and 700 caches reached

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Brighton pier at dusk

Brighton pier at dusk

We were going to the seaside – woo hoo! A two day trip to Brighton was a belated birthday present for Mr Hg137’s mother. And … we were on 699 caches found, so it might be possible to reach the magic 700th cache in a striking place, and perhaps a few others, too.
Geocache with a view!

Geocache with a view!

Our first destination was the pier. We couldn’t visit Brighton and not walk along the pier, could we? Part way along was a telescope with a view, and a cache too. Number 700 found, a sun-soaked, hot summer day, and a fitting milestone! Back on the seashore, it was time for tourist item number two, a trip on the oldest electric railway in the world, Volks Railway http://volkselectricrailway.co.uk Fifteen minutes later we had passed the nudist beach, decorously hidden behind a shingle bank, and were close to the marina; there are caches along the shore between beach and pier but we didn’t have time to do them all (another time?) We visited the sand sculptures – http://brightonsandsculpture.co.uk – so good that we went round twice, and stopped for an ice cream too.
Sand sculpture

Sand sculpture

Nearby is the ‘Brighton Beach & Black Rock Earthcache’ This kind of geocache is placed close to special geological features and questions are posed based on the location; the answers to these need to be submitted to the owner of the cache; if you are right, you get to log the cache. This particular cache is next to a cliff face which shows raised beaches dating from the last Ice Age. We collected the information (took loads of photos just in case), and contacted the owner; our answers were correct and we got to log the second special cache of the day.
Earthcache - more sand - this time a raised beach in a cliff

Earthcache – more sand – this time a raised beach in a cliff

As evening approached, we went out for a walk, sneaked up to a cache in a very busy area near the Royal Pavilion, and, later on, strolled back along the pier – http://www.brightonpier.co.uk – as the sun began to set.
Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Right at the end, tucked away behind the funfair (crikey, some of those rides look scary!) is another cache with another striking view out to sea and back to the shore, a fitting end to a wonderful day out. Then back to our hotel for a good night’s sleep; we were really, really tired by now.


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