July 16 – Brighton day 2 – and up to the Devil’s Dyke

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here once more.

Brighton Wheel

Brighton Wheel

Day two of our short break in Brighton, and we were raring to go … though Mr Hg137’s mother was looking somewhat sunburnt (she hadn’t brought a sunhat). Today’s plan was for a walk along the seafront, a spin on the Brighton Wheel, then up onto the South Downs, lunch at Devil’s Dyke, and home again.

We had just one cache planned in Brighton this morning. It was aptly named ‘The Beach’, and was right down on the shingle by the fishing museum. It was (another) super view of the pier and a bit of the beach that we might not have visited had it not been for the cache.
For a different view, we moved on to the Brighton Wheel – http://www.brightonwheel.com The ride only lasts 15 minutes and is a bit expensive for that length of time, but you get three (or four, if it’s not too busy) revolutions on the wheel, an excellent commentary (voiced by Steve Coogan) and a wonderful view of Brighton, the hills behind, and views each way along the coast.

Local resident?

Local resident?

Although it was only late morning, it was now time to leave the coast and start homeward. But on the way … We had planned lunch at the Devil’s Dyke, high on the South Downs. This place was familiar to all of us, as a destination for Mr Hg137’s family in his youth, and for me and Mr Hg137 when we walked the South Downs Way in 2011. There are stunning views, a car park, a pub, even a bus route right to the top. We had a walk round, looking at the views – Chanctonbury Ring, Cissbury Ring, the Weald, and on and on into the distance to Butser Hill, 35 miles away in Hampshire. And while we were admiring the view, we diverged ever so slightly to grab a nice, easy geocache which was hidden amongst some trees just by the edge of the car park, and to drop off the Signseekers geocoin.
Devil's Dyke - and THAT view

Devil’s Dyke – and THAT view

After dawdling over lunch in the pub – pleasant enough though a bit haphazard, service-wise – we set off for home. A good couple of days, but oh, so exhausting. Why do I always need time to recover after a ‘relaxing’ break?


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