August 3 – 7 Souvenirs of August

Every cacher has on their profile a ‘Souvenirs’ page. These are ‘electronic badges’ generally awarded for attending an event or caching on a particular day etc. In our almost 2 years of caching we have collected 11 such souvenirs of which this is one :

Maker Madness Event Souvenir

Maker Madness Event Souvenir

Many of our souvenirs were from last August when awarded a souvenir for every one of the 31 days during August 2013 that one found a cache. We cached on 6 days last August so only collected six souvenirs!

This year has a different challenge : to find 6 different types of cache (a souvenir for each), and if all six are found then a seventh souvenir would be added to ones profile.

This sounds slightly more achievable than caching for 31 days especially as the criteria are :

Explorer Souvenir – find a traditional geocache (sounds easy enough!)

Puzzler Souvenir – find a Mystery cache (could be tricky as we need to solve a puzzle first!)

Sightseer Souvenir – find a multicache (typically the Church micros we’ve undertaken have been multis)

Nature Lover Souvenir – find an Earth cache or attend a Cache In Trash Out event (where cachers give something back to the environment)

Socializer Souvenir (don’t you love the American spelling!) – attend an Event, Mega Event or Giga Event (hastily consults diary)

Collector Souvenir – find a virtual cache, wherigo, letterbox hybrid or webcam cache (Mmm this could be tricky as we’ve only ever found one virtual and one letterbox hybrid, never seen a webcam cache or fully understand how a wherigo cache works!)

Find all six of the above during August and you collect an Achiever Souvenir!

Our caching exploits during August may be slanted to these Souvenirs… so wish us luck!


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