August 12 – Frimley – souvenirs, churches and rocks

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

A few days ago, we had achieved two of the ‘7 souvenirs of August’ challenges, and we felt that a short burst of targeted caching could net us another two. We decided on a multi-cache, to earn the Sightseer souvenir, and an EarthCache to gain the Nature Lover souvenir. We found that Frimley, not too far away, could provide both of these caches, close to each other. Off we rushed, out into the evening.

Our first cache was to be a multi-cache – ‘Church Micro 4815 – Camberley St Mary’. Multi-caches involve multiple locations, where the intermediate locations contain clues, and the final location contains the logbook. After a short walk around an unfamiliar part of Frimley, collecting numbers to form a coordinate, we found the cache (I’ve not visited Frimley much, so there are actually few locations in Frimley that are familiar to me!)

Multi Cache

Multi Cache



By now the light was beginning to fade ever so slightly as we leapt back into the geocar and zoomed off to find our second cache, an EarthCache, ‘How the earth was made’ which is an urban sculpture built of several different kinds of rocks in an office park near the Frimley Regus building. We spent 15 minutes in the gathering gloom inspecting the rocky sculpture from all angles and taking photos so that we could answer the questions posed in the cache description. and then submit them to the cache owner. We arrived home at twilight, and did some research to double-check our answers. Off they went to the cache owner, who replied most promptly that we were correct and that we could log the cache as found (woo hoo!).

Four challenges down, two more to do to achieve the bonus …


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