August 20 Souvenir Hunting

… with just 2 souvenirs to find… we needed a Puzzle Cache and an Event Cache….

Fortunately events were springing up all around, one was scheduled for Farnborough, another Bracknell and much more besides. The Event in Bracknell looked tempting especially as it was being organised by JJEF whose caches we had recently encountered (and you may remembered dismembered with a Swiss Army knife!). The pub, The Boot, rang lots of nostalgic bells as it was visited many years ago by Mr Hg137 (well over 25 years ago!).

Now could we find a nearby puzzle to solve! Yes!!

Although puzzles don’t generally give anything away about the destination, one puzzle cache called “Can you unlock this” stated the final cache was 300 yards away and broadly near the Boot. But could we solve it in time ? We only had four images to look at in order to derive a full set of co-ordinates : a key, a white door, and two head shots of people we couldn’t initially recognise. We stared and we stared… scratched our heads… and stared some more. Eventually a light bulb moment struck (well at 11:45pm one night) and the cache was resolved. It was definitely on route to the Boot!

The Boot is situated in Park Road where Mr HG137 used to work. Reminiscing about his time working for International Stores (now the Avis building) Mr Hg137 could look out of the window and could see the Met Office (now a block of flats). Even the scruffy park had changed with statues and gravel paths… and it now hosted the puzzle cache!

Who said statues were boring ?

Who said statues were boring ?

Found with ease (fingers crossed the muggle footballers didn’t see us!).

Watch the ball... not the cachers!

Watch the ball… not the cachers!

Puzzle solved and found … a short car journey to the Boot – signed the log book and we’d cracked the 7 Souvenirs!

The Boot was heaving with well over 60 cachers present – including a business acquaintance who I didn’t know cached – and about 30 of JJEF’s famous wooden caches to examine!

A great end to a simple quest to achieve THE 7 SOUVENIRS OF AUGUST!



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