August 30 – Doc_Jaunty’s Bug 3

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here. IMG_8140 We found a trackable in the Church Micro at Stroud. This was unexpected, but pleasantly so, as micro-sized caches are usually … small, and there is little room inside for anything except the geocache log. This one was a small clip-lock box, and inside was a karabiner with a small compass, Canadian maple leaf, and trackable. This started its travels in Pennsylvania in May 2013, attached to a playing card – which is now somewhat dogeared – made its way to Canada, where the extra item was added to make it more visible, and after a quick visit to New York, has headed across to the UK. (It’s got around a bit, especially after spring 2014!) Its mission seems to be to visit parks, and I’m sure we will find something suitable.


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