September 8 (afternoon) – the A1

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

On with the journey, and up the M1 we travelled to the A1. We headed steadily north and by mid-afternoon we were approaching the border.
There was a cache just in England on one side of the border, and a cache just in Scotland a few hundred yards further north. An interesting comment on one of the cache logs was ‘made sure I got this one before AS and the numpties make it a passport control’ – the first time that I’ve ever seen politics and caching mixing.

(Editorial note : AS refers to Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, who is leading the drive for Scottish independence with a vote due on September 18th)

Then on through Scotland, stopping for two more caches near the Torness nuclear power station. My work is connected with the utility industry and this was just the place for caching. The power station itself is sort of thirties cubist-brutalist in style, and yes, it stands out, but it could be much, much worse. One cache we found was ‘Turtle Beach’, on the John Muir Way overlooking the power station, and the other was ‘The Power’, on a small viewpoint overlooking (yes) the power station on one side and a small, empty beach on the other. This second cache marks a new record on our most northerly geocache.

Torness Power Station

Torness Power Station

We had spent much longer in finding those two caches than we should have, and time was passing, so we headed on to Edinburgh, arriving at our destination to the west of the city, at Edinburgh Park, just as the light was beginning to fail. With an hour to wait for the earliest free space in the restaurant, there was just enough time to walk a few hundred yards away from the hotel and to find another cache sited between the headquarters of two banks. The title of the cache was ‘the bankers will swing for this’. The second time I’ve ever seen politics and geocaching mixing!

With our caches earlier in the day in South Yorkshire, then others in Northumbria, South Scotland, and Lothian, we’d established a new record of counties in a day. Still, it’s not all about the numbers…


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