September 8 (morning) Tankersley

As part of our Edinburgh trip we had planned to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park today and cache yesterday.. but we’d swapped our sessions over. So after breakfast we attempted several of the nearby caches to our overnight stay.

We had pre-loaded about 15 such caches into our GPS, and attempted 5. The first entitled Westwood Station was on the site of a disused railway station closed down during the early part of WWII.

View near one of the caches

View near one of the caches

This, in common with the 4 other caches we attempted was in New Biggin Plantation, a reasonably densely wooded area. This played havoc with our GPS, and on numerous occasions we were over 30 feet from our original position when we found the cache. Of course this would have been a lot easier in the Winter with no tree cover… but then the paths would have been muddier too!

Our second cache called Westwood Ho! then took us to the Gruffalo series which were named after animals from the “Gruffalo” book for children.

What a great idea for really young children to read/be read the story and then go on a walk finding the animals too! We found 4 of the 5 (Fox, Owl, Gruffalo and Snake) and we didn’t really have to time to find Mouse! The Fox cache even had a picture of Fox on the cache! We think one of the caches should have been renamed ‘Wasp’ due to its proximity to a wasp’s nest… (how we retrieved/replaced the cache without being stung is a story in itself!). So 5 caches down … but more to come on the journey ahead ….

The Fox Cache

The Fox Cache


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