September 9 Edinburgh (day 1)

Edinburgh is a delightful city.

Overlooked by Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle, its grid system of wide streets (laid out by the Georgians) contrast with the hustle and bustle of its narrow streets; the old statues and monuments sitting proudly against a tramway system just 100 days old.

Wide Streets ...

Wide Streets …

... Narrow Streets

… Narrow Streets

One of many Commemorative Statues

One of many Commemorative Statues

Modern tramways

Modern tramways

The geology of Edinburgh lends itself to Earthcaches and there are plenty in Edinburgh. We completed 2 today, one based on the Walter Scott Monument and its quality of Sandstone – the other looking at the stones laid out in the Scottish Parliament Building. Both fascinating, and both gave great insights into Scotland’s (and in particular Edinburgh’s) geological history.
Walter Scott Monument... but why is part of it black ?

Walter Scott Monument… but why is part of it black ?

Inside the Scottish Parliament

Inside the Scottish Parliament

Our other two caches included a Sidetracked cache near Waverley Station (in a quite grotty alley), and a puzzle cache based on Alexander McCall Smith (the Edinburgh author who wrote “The Number1 Ladies Detective Agency”). This was a great find as it gave us a chance to wander from the main thoroughfares and into some of the more residential streets.

Our one failure came in St Andrew Square, where we searched in vain for a cache which had been removed while its log had been changed.

More than happy with 4 caches on a great day’s sightseeing.


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