September 10 Edinburgh Day 2

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Today it was time for some seriously touristy stuff, along with the geocaches associated with them.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

We started off with a visit to Edinburgh Castle.

It’s the No 1 must-do tourist attraction in Edinburgh/Scotland (and the 2nd in the UK, we’re told) It was VERY busy, but we arrived before 10am and spent 3 hours investigating almost every corner. After watching the 1 o’clock gun being fired (yes, it’s loud!), we headed out into Edinburgh for the first cache of the day, GC10 Edinburgh Castle, at the foot of the castle mound. We spent some while poking around the likely spot and got it in the end. This was one of a series placed to mark the 10th anniversary of geocaching and was to showcase some of the wonders of Britain. (We tried for another in the series a few months back near the concrete cows of Milton Keynes, but it was missing.)

GZ for GC10

GZ for GC10

Then we moved on, along Grassmarket, to reach Greyfriars Kirkyard, known for paranormal activity but also as the home of ‘Greyfriars Bobby’. There’s a geocache here of the same name, just outside the kirkyard, but it’s hard to search for amongst the crowds of muggles crowded round the statue of the dog and making their way into the kirkyard.
Statue of 'Greyfriars Bobby'

Statue of ‘Greyfriars Bobby’

… A small bit of background here: Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye terrier who became known in 19th century Edinburgh for spending 14 years faithfully guarding the grave of his owner, until his own death at the age of 16 (there are other versions of the story, but this is the most famous). His statue is just outside the Kirkyard, and lots of people touch his nose for luck; it’s very shiny! The Kirkyard itself has had a long reputation for paranormal activity, and this has intensified since the late 1990s when one of the memorials was disturbed. So many incidents happened that part of the Kirkyard is now fenced off, and is only accessible as part of a controlled tour; we did NOT want to meet any poltergeists so we didn’t go on this tour!. … That’s the end of the background information.
Greyfriars Bobby is somewhere in this crowd!

Greyfriars Bobby is somewhere in this crowd!

Now for the action of the day, a climb up Arthur’s Seat. We prepared for this by collecting (another) earthcache, ‘Earthscape Scotland’, which can be found just inside ‘Our Dynamic Earth’. Then it was off up the path to Arthur’s Seat, a volcanic hill which rises dramatically above Edinburgh’s skyline, especially looming spectacularly over the Scottish Parliament. It’s only about 800 feet of ascent, with a steady ascent from the road next to Holyrood Palace, and a final steep, rocky section. But we made it to the top … and so had dozens of others. There’s another Earthcache here, ‘Arthur’s Seat’, and we collected the answers to the earthcache questions but had to queue (!) for a photo of us at the trig point. Tiring now, we made our way down along the foot of Salisbury Crags, collecting another cache, ‘Radical Road’, on the way.
Arthur's Seat - nearly at the top

Arthur’s Seat

Another day, just 5 caches, but caches of the highest quality.

PS Some of you may think that this post looks familiar – that’s because Mr Hg137 accidentally published my post before it was complete (doh!). It’s now been finished, and polished, and is ready to go.


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