September 11 – Edinburgh Day 3 (Leith)

HMY Britannia

HMY Britannia

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

After the exertions of yesterday it was to be a slightly quieter day. We wanted to see the Royal Yacht Britannia, which is now permanently moored at Leith, the port of Edinburgh, so we jumped into the geocar and took a slightly wayward route across northern Edinburgh to arrive at the docks. It was a grey, misty morning and the tops of the fancy new dockside apartments were disappearing into the clouds.

HMY Britannia is a fascinating place to visit and a whole morning sped by while we inspected state rooms, engine rooms, and royal bedrooms, including an extended elevenses in the tea-room on board; though a little pricy, this delivered everything that should be expected – an immaculate setting, cheerful, smart, efficient staff, elegant crockery and cutlery, monogrammed napkins …and lemon drizzle cake to die for!

The Queen's Bedroom

The Queen’s Bedroom

The State Dining Room

The State Dining Room

A bit different for the crew!

A bit different for the crew!

And how the tourists are served!

And how the tourists are served!

Close to Britannia’s berth lay the first of our caches for the day ‘MV Windsor Castle’, named after a ship that’s moored around the corner. Mr Hg137 retrieved the cache – a nice easy one – while I acted as a diversion by taking lots of pictures of a nearby Anthony Gormley statue.

Then we were tempted by a 12-stage multicache ‘Leith Old & New’. The sun had broken through the mist by now and we whiled away rather too much time enjoying the Leith waterside (a lovely place) finding all the clues and doing the sums. On our route about Leith waterside we discovered connections with King George IV, Walter Scott, Mary Guise (mother of Mary Queen of Scots) and a beautiful War Memorial.

Part of the Leith War Memorial - can you determine the different trades ?

Part of the Leith War Memorial – can you determine the different trades ?

Then – disaster – the coordinates we had derived seemed wrong and we couldn’t get the geochecker to work (we checked later and our answer was wrong). We couldn’t figure out our mistake, and time was passing, so we gave up on that one. A big shame as we had expended a certain amount of effort collecting our answers.

Another item to cross off our bucket list was a crossing of the Forth Bridge. Neither of us had been across this before. It’s impressive, even in nose-to-tail traffic caused by a breakdown on the bridge itself. Once across, we turned into North Queensferry to inspect the Road Bridge, the Forth Rail Bridge, and the partly constructed new road bridge from the ground. Mr Hg137 started tapping away at his phone and very quickly had the location of a nearby cache to hand. A quick scramble around on the foreshore and we had the cache : it must be quite a wet place to be at a very high tide or in stormy weather, but today was calm and still. And this is yet another record for our most northerly cache!

Large red object=bridge, small white object=geocache!

Large red object=bridge, small white object=geocache!


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