September 12 – Celeste

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.



In two of the three caches on Cramond island in the Firth of Forth, we found trackables. Both started off in the USA and I surmise that they were dropped off by the same geocacher.

The first trackable was ‘Celeste’. Her mission is to visit Hawaii, South America, China and India. Hmm, she’s a little way off course! And here’s the story of how Celeste came to be a trackable on a small island in Scotland:

… “This hitchhiker was found in a cache in Reno, Nevada by our 8 year old daughter, Rachael. The second she laid her hands on it, she said she wanted it to become a Travel Bug.

On the way home, Rachael decided that the dolls name should be Celeste but couldn’t decide where she wanted Celeste to travel to. We talked about ideas for a while but when she got home, she immediately went to her spinning globe in her room. After spinning it, she stopped it randomly with her finger and what she was pointing to was a destination.

There was no waiting to get this done. No sooner had I stepped out of our truck when Rachael asked when the travel tag would go on her. I went straight to the drill press to install a hole. We had several traveling tags to choose from and Rachael thought it would be a good idea to use the Nevada State Flag so that everyone would know where Celeste was from. “ …

I’m not sure we can manage anywhere as exotic as Hawaii, but we’ll try to find somewhere suitable for Celeste’s next adventure.


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