September 12/13 – The end of a Scottish Trip

We said goodbye to the calmness of Cramond, and the elegance of Edinburgh and hello to


We stayed overnight on the 12th, with the primary objective of seeing the Blackpool Illimunations and wandering around Blackpool (i.e caching) on the morning of the 13th prior to journeying home.

Blackpool was a ultra-sensory experience. The lights of the Illuminations, hotel neon signs and white car lights formed the overriding experience. Overlaying this was the sound of people screaming on funfair rides, clanking trams, and clip-clop of horse rides… and then the aroma of fish and chips, burgers, onions…

Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations

Everyone seemed to be in Blackpool, not just to see the Illuminations but one of the heats of the World Fireworks Competition. We ambled along the promenade from the South Pier (Blackpool has 3 Piers!) past the Central Pier to the Comedy Carpet, on which a puzzle cache has been set.

Comedy Carpet

Comedy Carpet

Ed: if you can’t read the text, click the image to enlarge and then try to read ALL the catchphrases listed! We can’t!

Our brains were addled, and we decided we knew less comedy than we realised so retired back to our hotel.

The following day we returned to the Comedy Carpet and went up the Blackpool Tower (315ft) to see commanding views…. of sea mist! (Yep, that’s 3 days in a row!). A great experience though, and one can imagine on a clear crisp day what a fantastic panorama one would get.

Misty view from near the top of the Tower!

Misty view from near the top of the Tower!

We had already found our first cache of the day (underneath South Pier), and took a shorter route back to the hotel car park by picking up the Tangerine Trail of caches. These caches were set in remembrance of the Famous Footballers who played and managed Blackpool Town (aka “The Tangerines”). Each cache gave a potted history of a player/manager and it included the likes of World Cup Winner Alan Ball, as well as Jimmy Armfield. I know many people are not Football fans, but the series did highlight how a cache series can be used to educate on more diverse subject matter than the Natural World.
Jimmy Armfield

Jimmy Armfield

So our mini-tour of Britain came to an end, caching in a range of environments from Service Stations to Football Grounds, from Islands to Castles and with a couple of ‘political’ caches and Earth caches thrown in too.. What a week!


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