Wisley September 28 First to Find ? Failure to Find !

As we have remarked before when a cache is published there is a rush of cachers trying to be First to Find. (FTF).

Many cachers set great kudos in achieving lots of FTFs, we only have one in our portfolio of finds (out of about 800).

Imagine therefore our surprise to find a cache unfound which hadn’t been found within 10 days of publication. And it was in a location we were about to visit – Wisley Gardens. (The cache is in the car park).

So we loaded the cache, parked the car and searched. Would we be the First to Find ? Would we have a second FTF to our name ? No !

After about 20 minutes searching, all within yards of a muggle car park attendant, we abandoned and visited the Gardens. This was the last day of the annual sculpture exhibition – well worth looking out for next year if you’ve never been. After our wander around we spent another fruitless 15 minutes searching for the cache… to no avail.. our First to Find attempt was a Fail to Find!

Somewhere here is  the cache... if you find it, please let us know!

Somewhere here is the cache… if you find it, please let us know!


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