October 5 – The Fleet 5K

The town of Fleet, Hampshire is about 6 miles from us, and is consistently voted top in the UK for places to live. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including the surrounding countryside and the leisure activities in and around the town.

Each Spring there is an annual half-marathon, and each Autumn there is an annual 10K road race. The 10K road race follows a 5K triangular course which is run twice.
The course runs through the main shopping street, then runs parallel with the Basingstoke to London railway line, before returning to the start along a busy road.

It is along this 5K route that a series of 19 very urban caches had been placed. some of the caches contained clues to help find a bonus 20th cache. Sadly we noted that the bonus cache had gone missing before we started so we knew we'd have one DNF at the end!

The route started with a simple multi – so simple in fact that our knowledge of the area meant we didn't have to visit the location of the initial clue! Most of the caches were small containers, hidden in, or attached to, the many lamp-posts/salt bins/trees/bus stops around the route. All fairly easy finds and in most cases the cache containers were so small that our two trackables, which we had brought back from Scotland, wouldn't fit!

Is the cache behind the sign or in the tree ?

Is the cache behind the sign or in the tree ?

We also completed a number of other caches just off the 5K route. These included two Church Micros (one of which had a fab cache container… so no spoilers from us!) and an interestingly named cache called Hopalong Heffalump!

Anyone seen a Heffalump ?

Anyone seen a Heffalump ?

We did find two caches big enough for the trackables. We placed Celeste in “Industrial Pine” on a small industrial estate… a far cry from Celeste’s target of Hawaii!

We were also able to deposit the Seattle Ferry Tag on the 5K series though, right underneath a surveillance camera! The town may be Fleet, but there’s no ferry in sight!

A great morning’s caching with a total of 25 caches found (and one DNF, the bonus). Like all urban series, it was busy with muggles, and with only a few weeks to this year’s race – lots of athletes pounding the pavements training for the 10K. We were worn out just watching them!


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