October 11 – Windsor Great Park – celebrating all things quercus

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

As soon as October arrived, so did the rain, and the paths were now distinctly soggy. Mr Hg137 found a route in Windsor Great Park that we thought wouldn’t be too muddy even after lots of rain. And so we got up on 11th October, ready for caching … and it was raining hard. Suddenly it didn’t seem such a good idea. But the rain eased and the sky brightened and the sun was shining by the time we parked at Queen Anne’s Gate at the edge of the Great Park. Result!

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Our plan today was to find the 9 caches in the ‘Right Royal Cache’ series. The owner’s description of the series is:
…” 9 simple caches all within Windsor Great Park

The main theme of this series is the magnificent English Oak, Quercus Robur, of which there are many fine specimens in this park. It is probably the best known tree in Britain and an important feature of the English landscape. They live for hundreds of years and have always been important for their timber. The wood has been used to build ships, houses and furniture, but is also renowned for its use in casks for maturing wines and spirits. The fruit of the oak tree is the acorn, which appears usually in September and is very popular with squirrels. The oak is deciduous and loses its leaves very late in the year. “…

This says it pretty well, as eight of the nine caches are hidden in, on, under, or near to various fine examples of oak trees. The exception has the hint ‘troll’ and gave a good opportunity for Mr Hg137 to disappear under a bridge, to emerge triumphantly a little later covered with dust, cobwebs and a little mud; and then a wet bottom as he climbed out of the stream!

Any trolls here?

Any trolls here?

All nine caches were found, in bright clear sunshine, in beautifully manicured parkland, with distant views of Windsor Castle. A beautiful autumn morning’s caching.
Fine old oak

Fine old oak


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