October 25 – Mimbridge

Mimbridge is a village just outside Woking about 15 miles from where we live. We never really saw the village itself, just a scattering of the houses but plenty of countryside about, primarily Horsell Common.
There were 15 caches in the Mimbridge Series over a 5 mile circuit. Most were old Nivea Handcream bottles, so either the Cache Owner(s) works for Nivea or an awfully lot of handcream has been used by them!

(Of course, fellow cachers they may of course have done a lot of caches, as Nivea cream is an excellent way to soothe the scratches and stings that seem to accompany every caching trip)

Despite the heavy recent rain the footpaths were good, but we were very much aware of nearby standing water around and about. We were also grateful to heed the CO’s words… take an Ordnance Survey map with you, as some of the footpaths were not always that easy to find. Indeed one footpath suddenly took us through a Garden Centre and then yards later into someone’s FRONT garden !!

Much of the route was near Fairoaks Aerodrome and throughout the day loads of light, private aircraft were taking off and landing overhead.

Chocks away!

Chocks away!

We found most of the caches on route. One of the two we didn’t find (in our least favourite hiding position of ‘ivy covered tree’) had genuinely gone missing as it was replaced the day after we reported the DNF. (We believe it was missing since July as many had found and logged adjacent caches, but not this one).

Our other failure had no hint. We had a plethora of trees to check and two wooden bridges. We suspect the cache was under one of the bridges, but water-level under the bridge as so high we didn’t fancy going in. Despite various attempts to look under the bridge from above – the cache eluded us.

Somewhere under this bridge ...

Somewhere under this bridge …

We did find 3 other caches as we went round. The first, a simple standard cache, set in memory of the CO’s grandfather; the second was a ‘Keyring’ cache where there lots of keyrings; and the third was a puzzle cache based on Harry Potter.

We’ve read all the Harry Potter books, and seen the films, but we needed the Wizard Magic of Google to help us to the answers.

Lots of Key Rings

Lots of Key Rings

16 caches out of 18, a pleasant walk over what turned out to be 6 miles in glorious late Autumn sunshine.

One of the GZs - but  can you spot the Robin that serenaded us ?

One of the GZs – but can you spot the Robin that serenaded us ?


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