November 9 – Heathlake, Wokingham Without

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

It’s considered bad geocaching etiquette to keep hold of trackables for too long, and we’d been looking after two for several weeks. It was time to move them on. We found a small free, dry time-slot in a weekend packed with dodgy weather and unavoidable engagements and researched a very few caches where we hoped we could place the trackables.



We went to Heathlake, an area of lake and woodland in Wokingham Without (without what? – dunno). This area is very close to where our Scrabble club meets (another of our hobbies and a shameless plug, too, so we know it well.
A large cache hidden in the woods

A large cache hidden in the woods

Our first cache was Heathcliff (geddit?) a tall plastic pot hidden in the depths of fir trees and rhododendrons; in went the first trackable. On we went to ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, a large plastic container among yet more fir trees and rhodies; the second trackable was dropped off. It was dusk now, just leaving time for one more cache, a church micro cache at St Sebastians.
St Sebastians, Wokinham Without

St Sebastians, Wokinham Without

We walked around the churchyard in semi-darkness, collecting clues, and were surprised to find an area of 34 war graves at one side of the church ( As it was Remembrance Sunday, a fresh wreath adorned the memorial by the graves; we had been along Nine Mile Ride, just outside, so very often but we had not realised that this was here. As we left the churchyard to claim the final cache – the final caches for church micros are almost never within the church grounds – a group of choristers/musicians were heading into the church for the evening service.

Then home – mission accomplished.


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