December 23 – Another First-To-Find Attempt .. this time in Fleet!

I never learn!

Our last geocaching sortie resulted in a failed ‘first-to-find’. Today there was an opportunity to redeem ourselves (well myself as Mrs Hg137 was working and I went solo).

A couple of new caches had been published in Fleet, and overnight one called “MIND YOUR HEAD” had still not been found. It was, a little unusually, an offset multi where the published co-ordinates took you to one site, once there, a further set of numbers to take you to the real cache site.

The Bridge

The Bridge

The first part took me to a bridge. A quick peer underneath this very muddy bridge yielded nothing. No obvious ‘mini-cache’ with some numbers on. After much pondering I decided to give up, and just as I returned to my car, two other cachers came along. They had tried yesterday and failed to get past the first part. They explained that under the bridge was a sign saying “MIND YOUR HEAD” (in fairness I’d seen this, but hadn’t seen the tiny numbers on it). They had established these were not the final co-ordinates.

The three of us looked harder at the sign. This involved crouching, for me at any rate quarter height, in a wet muddy stream and occasionally (euphemism for “often”) losing balance and landing in the brown goo.

After much searching, and me getting wetter and wetter I gave up. At the point I did, one of the other cachers had found what turned out to be a crucial element (sorry spoilers). He went on to collect the final cache – well done The MadCacher007 for the First-to-Find and thanks for the tip-off on how to solve it next time. (When I say “next time”… it may be Mrs Hg137 I send into the muddy mire!).


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