Christmas Eve – Sandhurst

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Just before the mayhem of Christmas got going, there was just enough time for a very quick geocaching trip – three caches on Christmas Eve afternoon. We had purposely kept back (a.k.a never done) some of the caches nearest to where we live so that they would be available to find when it was wet / in the winter / when we didn’t have lots of time, and this was just the occasion for them.

Sandhurst Community Hall No so much 'Noel' as 'No U' !

Sandhurst Community Hall
Not so much ‘Noel’ as ‘No U’ !

We chose three of the caches in the ‘Raspberry Walkies’ series, which can be found in and around Sandhurst Memorial Park For those who haven’t visited, it’s a great place and deservedly very well visited, with football and cricket pitches, a skate park, community hall, car parking, play area, café, near Sandhurst Town Football Club, the local allotments, the River Blackwater, and a nature reserve too. Oh, and it’s also home to quite a few geocaches.
Sandhurst Memorial Park Balancing Pond

Sandhurst Memorial Park
Balancing Pond

The first cache was behind the Community Hall, near the tennis/basketball courts (oops, I forgot to mention those in my advert for the park in the last paragraph). It was in a tree stump and was easy to reach – well, easy for Mr Hg137 who is a bit taller than me. Then we moved on to collect our second cache near the Balancing Pond, which regulates the flow of water into the river, and which was filled with paddling ducks and geese (oops, forgot to mention the birds and the pond earlier). The third and final cache was a short walk away, past the football ground ( ) and close to the area where the world champion tug-of-war team practice ( Oops again, I forgot to mention them too, there is such a lot of ‘stuff’ that goes on in the park.

A short trip, all caches found, and home again for our traditional Chinese meal that kicks of the Christmas festivities.

Merry Christmas everyone !!!


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