January 2 – Assassin’s Respite Geocoin

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

It’s been a while since we came across a trackable – and what a striking trackable this is! We came across this geocoin at Neigh Bridge Country Park, on our first walk along the Thames Path.


The writing around the faces of the coin reads:

“The Avatar of Justice – Vengeance and Mercy Delivered by the Righteous hand – Shall you run or hide?”

“Justice: To skillful finders
Vengeance: To hiding in evil ways
Mercy – To those who need hints”

This geocoin appears to be a one-off, bespoke item, and looks as if it was made in Utah, in the USA. It was first placed in a geocache in Belgium. Since then, it has travelled over 15000 miles, starting with a tour of Belgium, then to England, a quick trip to Bratislava, back to England, another quick trip to California, then back to England again. Well travelled!

We plan to drop the geocoin off in a few days, most likely somewhere on or close to the Thames Path.


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