February 7 – A spot of cache maintenance

Due to work commitments we are unable to go out for a caching expedition this weekend 😦
so it seemed a good idea to pay our cache in Berry Bank Copse a maintenance visit. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC452NG_berry-bank-cache?guid=80cd7ff3-f5de-4c93-8e3e-7ca6ed51f21c.

In fact we made our first visit a few days earlier, after a light snow fall.


The hidey-hole that should have held our cache was empty! There was no sign of the cache lying in the very immediate vicinity either… so much for so seeing if it coped with the snow!

On the basis of the cache being missing, we decided to ‘temporarily disable’ the cache until we could undertake a detailed search. This would prevent lots of other cachers trying to find something that may not be there.

Fortunately the cache had been found within the last 48 hours, so we emailed the last finder to ascertain where they had found/hid it.

Armed with these instructions we returned today and found it immediately (hurray!), about 10 feet from its original position, but nowhere near the item alluded to in the hint.

The cache container was in brilliant condition, dry (including a dry log book) and with a few bits of swag inside. The only problem is that the camouflage bag which held the cache container is well worn and threadbare. Not a major issue, but one that will need resolving.

We replaced the cache in its original position, re-enabled the cache and now wait for the next cacher to find it!

We only own one cache, within half a mile of where we live, so it is easy for us to visit. For other cache owners, who own perhaps 50+ caches, maintenance visits must be harder and we’d like to take this opportunity for thanking them for their diligence in making sure caches are available to be found and that they are in good condition. Thanks Cache Owners everywhere.


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