What on earth is she talking about?

A well-put and amusing description of geocaching terms, which we will reblog.

Mud and Nettles

Whilst with a friend recently (who was causing me trauma by reading my blog in my presence 😉) it became clear that I may need to explain myself better at times, especially for those non caching folk who may stumble across the blog. I decided it might be handy to produce an idiot’s guide to geocaching. Written by an idiot that is, not for one!
My intention is to start basic and not overwhelm and for the list to grow, hopefully along with my finds.
This post will either then evolve as a sticky post or maybe even a page – oh the exciting possibilities!

Fellow Geocachers feel free to correct any stupid mistakes I make or add anything that I’ve likely to have forgotten.

Using Coordinates to locate hidden Geocaches (treasure) guided by GPS.

The treasure we seek. This could be a teeny tiny magnetic container, a…

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