February 14 – Isle of Wight – Sandown and Scrabble

… the Scrabble weekend was actually 2 9-game tournaments back to back. There was also promotion and relegation between the two tournaments.

Both of us were playing in the highest division and by Saturday lunchtime were lying just above the relegation zone, with 3 games still to go. (Not good!)

The timetable was being adhered too, and we also finished our pre-lunch games early so a quick dash to the hotel room to grab the GPS, find a sandwich-shop on route, and head to the cache site.

The cache we had chosen was part of the ‘Nostalgia’ series set by a group of people all of whom attended the same Junior school on the Island, way back in the 1970s. This cache was called ‘Battery Gardens’. The Gardens are named after the former Battery station on the site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandown_Barrack_Battery.

Lunch overlooking Sandown Bay

Lunch overlooking Sandown Bay

With limited time, we were hoping for a quick find. The cache was in a bush, and after 15 minutes searching we gave up and had lunch overlooking the sea. There are only a finite number of places ‘in a bush’ so we went back for a further 5 minute look, and found it! Cleverly hidden, using a new-to-us method of placement ‘under a bush’.
Log book and bush... but how did we retrieve it ?

Log book and bush… but how did we retrieve it ?

A brisk walk back along the cliff top, and then back to the Scrabble… would we survive in the top division or would we be relegated ?


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