February 15 – Isle of Wight – a champion day

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

There was nearly some geocaching today, but it was warm and sunny and the sea was sparkling and we decided on a walk along the beach and sandwiches on a seat overlooking the sea instead.

And what of the Scrabble tournament? Mixed fortunes on Saturday: I hadn’t done so well and had been relegated from Division A, and Mr Hg137 had done slightly better, and had just missed the drop. (If only I had beaten him, that would have been reversed!) But now, on the final day, we were both well placed in our respective divisions.

By the end of the tournament it had gone even better: Mr Hg137 had won Division A, and the tournament, and I had won Division B. Woo-hoo, double champions!!! We each won some (a little) money and two weighty trophies, which are pictured; they each weigh about 2.5Kg and meant that the ferry had a slight list on the way home. And Mr Hg137 also won free accommodation for us back on the Isle of Wight next year, as well as free entry to the National Scrabble Championships (jammy g*t).

Isle of Wight Scrabble champions 2015!

Isle of Wight Scrabble champions 2015!

And it meant that I’ve had to suffer out-of-tune renditions of ‘We are the Champions’ all week long. Ho hum. (Luckily, that’s dying down now, at last…)


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