February 16 – Isle of Wight – Lake and Shanklin

After the rigours (and success) of the 18 game Scrabble tournament, it was back to the caching before catching the ferry home.

Heavy rain had been forecast so we selected 5 caches all within a short distance of each other (aka a quick run back to the geocar!).

Our first, Sidetracked – Lake Station – was probably our hardest find of the day. A small magnetic nano somehow tucked into an underleaf of a railway sign. Many people don’t realise the Isle of Wight has a railway, but the line runs from the Ryde PierHead in the North to Shanklin in the South. The rolling stock consists of 1930s London Underground Tube Trains!

This way to the Station! (and the cache!)

This way to the Station! (and the cache!)

Lake is one of many misnomers in the Isle of Wight. The village of Lake, has NO Lake!
(The Isle of Wight also has Needles you cannot thread, Ryde where you walk, Cowes you cannot milk amongst others).

Our search at Lake station was not helped by 2 railway workers checking out the station forecourt as we arrived. A bit of decoy action, and after they drove away, we had the cache in hand.

We drove on further into Shanklin and picked up 3 caches in a circular walk. Two of them were part of the “Nostalgia” series, we had found caches from before (see February 14’s blog). Indeed one of the caches was next to the school the friends were taught at all those years ago. Another cache was near the sea wall, newly built when our cache owners were at school. They were escorted, as a school trip out, to see the new wall – the trip was memorable as one of their school-friends fell off the wall and bumped his head!!

Cache dangling from the lifebuoy.. but its not the GZ!

Cache dangling from the lifebuoy.. but its not the GZ!

Our last cache was near the railway line. Another cunning hide, and given the amount of metal at Ground Zero, we were surprised that the cache wasn’t magnetic!!

We arrived back to the car just as the rain started – giving just time for one more cache. Last year, when we visited the island, we failed to find the cache at Beautiful Beaches – Shanklin. Our reason for our failure – driving wind and torrential rain – we were soaked within 10 seconds arriving at Ground Zero. Today, even though it was gently raining, the find was easy especially as the hidey-hole was just a little exposed. Its amazing how much harder caches are to find, when the weather conditions are against you!

Wind, Rain, Tides..cachers in the dry!

Wind, Rain, Tides..cachers in the dry!

A bit better this year!

A bit better this year!

So our expedition to the Isle of Wight was over, 2 winners cheques, and 9 caches. A pretty good weekend’s work!


2 Responses to “February 16 – Isle of Wight – Lake and Shanklin”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    Our home on the Isle of Wight is in Bembridge so not far from these sites. Hopefully will be attempting them soon as we go over in a couple of weeks time.

    • hg137 Says:

      Good luck with them. Hope we haven’t spoilt any of them for you. We also really enjoyed the “Ridge” series near Chillerton a couple of years back. Some creative caches, excellent views and at least one cache we spent a long time over!

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