February 21 Hopkin Easter Bunny Geocoin mk II

As we remarked in our previous post, we found Hopkin the Easter Bunny at Inglesham Church.

Hopkin at Inglesham Church

Hopkin at Inglesham Church

Hopkin should have been one of a limited edition of 100 Easter Bunny Geocoins in Blue / Green measuring approx 45mm diameter and 3mm thick. However over time, it has been lost, and is now a thin piece of laminated card. -:(

On the reverse of the ‘geocoin’ is the message ‘Happy Easter’ which given it is currently Lent, is very apt.

Hopkin’s mission is to hop from cache to cache searching for chocolate eggs and hunting for furry relatives, Hopkin has had all his inoculations and can travel anywhere to meet the wonderful cachers, creatures and peoples of the world. With his goofy smile, Hopkin also loves having his photo taken too!

So where has Hopkin been ? Well since Easter 2012, when Hopkin was released into the wild, he has been to Holland, Germany, Bulgaria and Ibiza hopping a HARE-raising 8600 miles.

We could RABBIT on, about the aBUNdance of caches he has visited, but that list may be as long as “WARREN peace”, so we will TAIL it off there. We are HOPing to place it in a nEARby cache soon, FUR others to find.


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