March 8 – Another Scrabble Tournament, another Geocache

Regular readers are no doubt aware that as well as geocaching, we play a certain amount of competition Scrabble. In fact less than a month previously we were double prize-winners on the Isle of Wight.

Thus it was with high expectation we attended the Swindon one-day tournament. Our geo-car, sorry scrabble-car, knew the way there, as the Swindon area was very close to the Thamespath, and playing Scrabble all day meant we couldn’t continue our year-long caching expedition along it.

However we did notice a geocache hidden yards from the Scrabble venue. Too good to miss! Well, we almost did miss it! On arrival we turned on our GPS to lead us to GZ. We waited for the satellites to spot us.

We waited some more.

We decided to start walking in the right direction.

Still no satellite.

Keep on walking…. Eventually our GPS locked into a satellite (or is it the other way round?) – we’d already overshot by 200 feet! Back we went to find the cache very, very easily. A beautiful camo bag, nestling under some branches in the bowl of a tree.

Sadly this success was not replicated on the Scrabble boards. About half of our opponents were WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP class and we finished well short of any prizes.

Still, we can’t win them all!


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