March 15 : another nemesis cache found – and a VERY special trackable

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.
This was to be a short and (hopefully) simple caching mission.

First of all, we were going to check on ‘Berry Bank Cache’, our own cache, because we’d received a report that it couldn’t be found and that there was some work (tree clearance?) going on near Ground Zero, the site of the cache. Luckily, a very quick check of GZ showed that all was well and the cache was tucked away just where we expected it to be.

Our next mission was to find a local cache ‘Off your trolly’. This has been a nemesis cache for us. We’ve had, oh, maybe six, maybe more, attempts at finding it, some armed with GPS and map, and some just speculative searching (once, I seem to remember, on Christmas Day!), but we have never laid hands or eyes on it until now. Shame, really, as it’s the cache which is nearest of all to our house. But we’d read that the cache had been moved because there was work (more tree/shrub clearance) going on in the area. And, more important, we’d also read that a very important trackable had been placed in the cache.

We found the cache very quickly, hidden in its new home. And the trackable was there! It was one of ours! Woo hoo! More about it here: Read the whole story in the next post…


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