March 15 – Rack Race H – race won!

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Rack Race G and Rack Race H

Rack Race G and Rack Race H

Back in February 2014 we released two trackables, Rack Race G and Rack Race H. We both play Scrabble so we thought that this was a good theme for the trackables, hence the name. The idea was that they would have a race and that they would return home to Sandhurst. Here’s how we created the trackables

They were both released on a grey day in mid-February in Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight, as in this post And then we waited … how hard could it be for them to travel 50 miles north, we thought? Quite hard, was how things turned out.

Rack Race H shot off to Rushden, in Northamptonshire (oops, overshot a bit). Then a bit of dithering around Oxford, followed by an extended tour of Devon. Next it passed by again and toured Essex, then Kent. A few circuits of London followed – it seemed it was a bit too big for many caches – and once it got as close to home as Lightwater, in Surrey, only a few miles away. I nearly went to get it, but I wasn’t quick enough and it was away to London again. By now a year had gone by and I was beginning to despair.

And then, on March 14th, we read a log for our own cache, Berry Bank Cache, to say that local cachers, Moore4us, had tried to place the trackable in its final destination but couldn’t find the cache. Oh no, failed at the final moment! But there was a message to say that Rack Race H had been placed in a nearby cache. Next day, we went out for a check on our own cache – yes, it’s still there – and then around the corner to retrieve Rack Race H and take it home.

So it’s back. A little dirtier, with a sticker saying ‘travelling to Sandhurst’. (Many thanks to whoever added that extra note.) It’s travelled 1725 miles in 13 months. It’s home, and I WIN THE RACE!

PS What of Rack Race G, the other participant in the race? In December 2014 it headed to Ireland, and is currently near Killarney. I wish the trackable well and hope it makes its way back home soon, so we can have another race.


One Response to “March 15 – Rack Race H – race won!”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    I find the whole thing about trackables really fascinating. Love the idea of your race. We have released two trackables so far; one is residing in Kentucky and hasn’t moved much yet, and the other has travelled to Istanbul.

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