April 6: Easter Monday: More Common series, Wisley

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

RHS Wisley gardens

RHS Wisley gardens

The 1000 cache milestone is approaching.  A special caching day is planned, during which we will reach the magic 4-figure cache number, and we have thought of a suitable location, with lots of interesting and challenging caches.  But first we need a few more caches to get closer to the magic number.   So where to geocache?  We decided to complete the More Common series, which we started last summer, and then finish off with a visit to Wisley RHS garden.

Our route started off along a footpath which runs through Wisley gardens and along the River Wey.  The caches came regularly, were easily found and were in great condition.  Well done to the cache owner, C-kit, for the well camouflaged containers and the neat idea of storing the log in a 35mm film canister inside the main container – keeps everything nice and dry!

Well-maintained geocache!

Well-maintained geocache!

Then it was under the A3 and onto the disused Wisley airfield (did you know that existed? Did you know that it was a location for the film ‘War Horse’?).   While here, we came across a man, GPS in hand, hunting around where we thought the cache would be.    Another cacher, we thought, but our neutral question of ‘Are you looking for something?’ didn’t bring the answer we were expecting; he was a wildlife ranger, out looking for reptiles; he had spotted a grass snake but he said that all four of the common British reptiles can be found on the site.  We finished by leaving the airfield and crossing the A3 on a footbridge, and heading towards the gardens.

Cache here?  Or snake here?

Cache here? Or snake here?

We made two diversions from the route.  One was successful, one wasn’t.  The unsuccessful detour was to ‘Ripley Erection’ (hmm), a difficulty 4 i.e. hard cache near the edge of the common.   We couldn’t even spot the cache, let alone climb 15 feet up a pole to get it – we gave up.   More successful was our foray into the middle of a very busy roundabout under the A3 to collect ‘Roundabout Ramble 1’, which we managed without being squashed.

We found all 13 of the caches we attempted.  That takes our total caches found to 982, just a little closer to that milestone of 1000.

Finally, how were the gardens at Wisley?  Crowded, as you’d expect on a sunny Bank Holiday, and resplendent in the spring sunshine.  And, what’s more, we spotted the Easter Bunny, who was hiding near the glasshouse!



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