April 22 – Osternacht 2014

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

When we find a trackable item, in a geocache or occasionally at a geocacher’s meet, we take it away with us and deposit it somewhere else, later.  So we always physically take the trackable item into our posession, but some other geocachers ‘discover’ trackables (by seeing them at a meet or finding them on the internet, and register their discovery) – or ‘dip’ them (by carrying them around, and registering them at caches they find without placing them inside).

We’ve not done that, as we didn’t really get the point.  Why do that if you don’t have – at least – temporary control of the item?  (OK, I’ll make an exception for Signal the Frog, who we discovered at the UK Mega in 2013, but it would be hard to fit a 2-metre tall ‘live’ plush green velvet frog in a geocache!)

IMG_9524And we made another exception for this trackable. 

It set off from Germany at Easter 2014 and its mission is to:

Travel around and visit as many churches, cathedrals, abbeys, chapels and religious places as possible. 

The original idea, I think, was that it would make it back to Germany in time for Easter 2015 but that didn’t quite happen, and it ended up on the outskirts of Oxford.  But all is not lost – the owner of Osternacht 2014, Lessy23, is coming to Oxford in May 2015 and hopes to reclaim the trackable then.  So there is a request that the trackable is left where it is, and it will be collected.

We have honoured that request, so we discovered the trackable, admired it, and left it to await collection.


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